Lastest Photographer Promo – Dane Sanders

Anyone who knows Dane Sanders knows that he’s a compassionate and giving person whose compassion shows in his photography. Dane and I have worked together on a number of videos already, so when creating his promo, I knew I wanted it to be special. I wanted to create a video that would connect the viewer to Dane, in all his deepness, poignancy, and care for people. To that end, I knew I planned to use “home movie” footage with his family. He’s also a very eloquent speaker. The raw video interview alone I think could have won him clients. But when combined with shots of him in action, his photos, and the other goodies we filmed, I think we came up with one of our most powerful promotional pieces yet. Enjoy!

This is an ancillary video we also created that gives more insight into the wedding day.

Dane has had a major branding overhaul, and I’m very proud that the video we made for him is front and center on his new website. Between his Fast Track Photographer, speaking at the Adobe and liveBooks booths in WPPI, and his new website and blog, Dane Sanders is about to take the world by storm…again.

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  1. If it happens it will be in large measure because of friends like you Ron. You and your work are incredible. I am so grateful for all you do for our industry.

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