The Future of Online Entertainment?

Last year we gave up watching TV for a while (we still don’t watch that much) and in order to catch up with my favorite TV shows (i.e. “LOST“) I started watching episodes online. The video quality you can get online nowadays is amazing. And recently I found out about a site that has dozens of old and contemporary shows online for your full viewing pleasure. It’s called, and it could very well be the future of online entertainment. Full episodes, FREE, with limited commercial interruptions. Excellent video and audio quality. And a huge assortment of shows and full movies to view. While at WPPI this year, I didn’t need to purchase the expensive hotel movies. I just logged on to and watched “The Usual Suspects.” It was pretty cool.

For you video content creators out there, this is something you should be keeping your eye on. One of the services we offer our clients is the ability to create original content and post it online in a similar fashion. Where the videos can be shared, advertising can be displayed, and the quality is top notch. That’s what we did with the recent WPPI Joe Photo spoofs we ran online. But, this takes it to a whole new level.

Below is a preview from “The Office” which has many episodes on Hulu. Enjoy.