Going Corporate

edvcorpcover.jpgEventDV Magazine’s cover story this month is about event videographers making the switch from wedding work to corporate work. We were honored to be one of the four studios highlighted in the article. I am humbled to be included with such company as Darrell Boeck of Creative Images, Chris and Laura Randall of Edit1Media (my homies from the PacNorthwest), and my heroes, Brian Gunn, Russ Jolly, and Lance Gray of PixelPops. We all have slightly different takes on our path to commercial work. But whether you’re a videographer or even a photographer, I think this article can be very eye-opening.

This week while we were filming our F-Stop Beyond TV episode at David Jay’s, and in my interview with him, he shared how he’s seeing a trend in the wedding industry where many photographers are going out of business. Now more than ever small business owners in these fields need to look at alternative ways to grow their businesses. The high cost of oil and gas, the state of the economy, and the general uneasiness with international affairs all trickle down to the little guy and can affect the bottom line.

You can read the article online at EventDV.net.

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