The Power of Outsourcing – Letting Go of Control

I continue my series on the power of outsourcing with some words of wisdom from five top west coast photographers: Sara France, Me Ra Koh, Dane Sanders, and Marc Weisberg. This was a project we produced for Shot dot Edit, but much of the information they share is generally applicable to all small businesses.

I actually wrote a more complete article on this topic for Pro Photo Resource.
After watching the video, check out the article.

One thought on “The Power of Outsourcing – Letting Go of Control

  1. Great posting, I work in video but the content of your video post is applicable to other small businesses. I look forward to hearing more about outsourcing for videographers. Please keep the information coming. Oh and I read the Event DV article about “going corporate” and it was a fabulous article, I particularly enjoyed reading about your company and work.

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