New Series of Podcasts for – Spyder 3 by DataColor

Last year we had the honor of producing a series of web video podcasts for and Adobe highlighting top photographers talking about their use of Photoshop and Lightroom. This year we got to do it again. This time around, Kodak and DataColor‘s Spyder 3 were the “stars.” In this video, veteran photographer and retired DP Bruce Dorn talks about the importance of monitor calibration and how he uses Spyder 3. I learned a lot myself in shooting the video about the importance of monitor calibration. If you’re not already doing it and you print or provide photographs for your clients, it may be time for you to start.

Also interviewed for the DataColor was Catherine Hall. Here she gives a quick demo on the use of Spyder 3.

Later, we’ll post some of the videos we produced for  Kodak. Interviewed for that series were noted fashion, commercial and wedding photographers Matthew Jordan Smith, Tim Walden, Brook Todd, and Kay Eskridge.