Jeff and Julia Woods on Bonus Episode of F-Stop Beyond

Jeffrey and Julia Woods are two of the most successful and celebrated wedding and portrait photographers in the country. Their work and stories of their success have graced all the major industry mags like RangeFinder and Professional Photographer. Their success is such that they even own the building where their studio resides in Washington, IL. On top of running a wildly successful studio, they have four children, all of whom are home schooled! But despite all their acclaim and fame, they’ll be the first to admit that they are broken people who are far from perfect. And as they admitted in their personal interview on our podcast F-Stop Beyond earlier this year, there were times when they hit some  hard times in their marriage. Times when they wondered, “Did I make a mistake? Is this the right person for me?”

Who of us that’s been married for more than six months haven’t at some point felt those same feelings. Come on. Be honest. You know you have. Comedians joke about it all the time. You wake up one morning, look over at the person next to you and wonder, “Who is this person?” It wouldn’t be funny is there wasn’t truth to it. But, we all made that vow, for better or worse! It was more than a vow. It was a covenant.

For many of you reading this blog, you’re married AND you’re in business with your spouse. Marriage is hard enough without adding to the mix the strains of running a business. So how does one do it? How do you stay happily married, for better and worse, for the rest of your life? How do you navigate valleys and mountains of this journey called marriage, and at the same time run a business? These issues are so incredibly important. So much so that Jeff and Julia have started what I believe is one of the most important seminars a married couple in business together should attend.

1 + 1 = One

From September 15-17, Jeff and Julia will be hosting the ONE conference. This unique conference is designed to address the specific issues mentioned above. You’ll hear from some of top photographers in the industry speak:

  • Jennifer and Stephen Bebb will talk about “Keeping the Business out of the Bedroom”
  • Jeff and Julia will address “Balancing Life and Business Together”
  • Dane and Tami Sanders will address “Building Your Foundation from Who You Are, Not What You Do”
  • And special guest speaker and music industry photographer Zack Arias will give a very personal story about how his business contributed to the destruction of his first marriage. He’ll be sharing what can go horribly wrong if you don’t take the right steps.
  • Plus, entertainment, small group discussions, girls and guys nights out, and date nights!



If you register by this Friday, August 15, you’ll save $100 off the registration fee. Furthermore, Zack is giving a free copy of his “OneLight Workshop” DVD (a $300 value) to all registrants. So, the time to act is now. If there’s even an inkling of you that feels this is important, act on it. Get more details at


Those of you who know me well know that marriage is an extremely important topic to me. So much so that I’ve invited Jeff and Julia back on to F-Stop Beyond for a special bonus episode. They’ll share their personal story and why they feel compelled to host such a unique event. The special episode will go on line late Wednesday night, August 13. If you’re a married couple and one or both of your run a small business, I encourage you to tune in.

And, if you are part of a husband/wife team, if you are married and your spouse doesn’t really understand, if you’re thinking about getting your spouse involved in your business, this is the conference for you.  ONE for your happiness, ONE for your success.  ONE for your future.