The Power of “ONE” Podcast

On Wednesday afternoon we posted a special early version of our weekly audio podcast for photographers, F-Stop Beyond. The purpose was to invite back past guests Jeff and Julia Woods, Steve and Jennifer Bebb, and Dane Sanders, to talk about their involvement with the Woodses’ ONE Conference, happening September 15-17. The episode was fun and light hearted, with some profound moments where you were truly touched. It embodied everything I love about the show and the reason why I started it.

I wanted to share with you this incredible comment we got on the FSB blog yesterday about the episode. I couldn’t  have put it better what makes this show so special to me. Comments like this one make the work put into the show worthwhile. This is from Amanda in New Zealand of ImagesHaynes Photography:

My husband and I sat here and laughed and cried while listening to this. To hear the passion in everyone’s voices, and the tears in Julia’s as she shared from her heart, overwhelmed by the vision of One, just made us cry too. We know that this isn’t going to be just a conference, but we really believe that this is God anointed and that people that don’t even know God or want to know Him, will still be touched or changed by this conference. Even as they spoke I could feel a big “yes” in my heart, and our only regret is that we are oceans away from this amazing bunch of talented committed photographer’s who have a desire to see others ground their businesses in what is really important. There is no point going and shooting the passion and love of someone else’s wedding, when you have no love or hope in your own. Bless you guys …we know that this is going to be the start of a whole new door-opening for you all.
Thanks again f-stop! People forget that for many photogs, the net is our only way of communicating with many of our colleagues around the world.

Thank you Amanda for sharing such a touching comment. And thanks to all the other listeners around the world who’ve commented on the show, or who just tune in every week to get their inspiration fix.

Friday, August 15, is the last day to save $100 off the registration fee. Space for the conference in general is limited to the first fifty couples. Sign up today.

If you want to hear the episode, click here.