F-Stop Beyond Now on Facebook

We’ve created a Facebook group for F-Stop Beyond. For the loyal listeners of the audio show, and now the viewers of “F-Stop Beyond:In Living Color,” the group will be a place where you can receive passwords to see and download exclusive episodes, share stories that encourage others, or give us ideas of who you’d like to see (or hear) on one of the shows. Come on over and join the group.


It’s so amazing to read comments and get emails from people all over the globe who are being inspired and encouraged by the personal stories and interviews of FSB guests. So be sure to spread the love. You can do that in a number of ways:

  • Blog about it: If there’s a particular episode you like, share it on your blog. Each of  the video episodes allows you to copy the embed code for that episode right from each player. For the audio episodes, we’re going to start including a link where you can obtain the code to get the episodes you like.
  • Share the group: Facebook group members are allowed to invite others to join the group. So, invite your friends.
  • E-mail: old fashioned e-mail works great too. E-mail the permalink to an episode you like to someone who you feel needs encouragement in the area that guest is addressing.

Thanks again to all of you who’ve e-mailed or commented about the show. We’ll continue to work on bringing you interviews with a wide variety of photographers whose lives and testimonies can be inspiring, educational, and entertaining.