Mike Colón Live at Brooks Quick Recap

I want to thank everyone who came out to the live webcast interview with Mike Colón at Brooks Institute this past Monday. I know we had some technical difficulties maintaining the live video and audio feed. The A/V team went out there last week to check the equipment and of course, everything worked perfect then. Murphy’s Law was in full effect the night of the event. Thanks a million to Carlo Baez for stepping in to entertain the folks in the chat room and take questions.

The great news though is that we have almost three hours of an in-depth interview with Mike. He covered the gamut: how he got started in the business (the “real” story as he jokingly puts it. The anecdote about how he first called up [b]ecker as a groom in order to get info about wedding photography is classic); exactly how and why he raised his prices as quickly as he did; balancing work and family life; the importance of inner beauty; why he’s so open about his faith on his website and blog (for the record, it was a question from the chat room that prompted that discussion. ;-); sponsorships; and much, much more. We even had a quest star appearance from David Jay who I invited on stage for a bit. All around it was a terrific event.  Again, I apologize for those of you who tried to log on to the webcast. The 2-camera edit of the episode will definitely make up for what you missed. And we learned alot for next time.

I want to thank everyone who helped make this event happen: The Brooks Institute team (Tri, James, David, and Bethany), the PhotographyMentor team (Robert Evans, Curt Apanovich, Solomon and Drew), Julie Colón, and David Jay for being another surprise guest and for being a gracious host afterwards. And, of course, a huge, huge thanks to Mike for taking the time to come up and share with the Brooks students and the F-Stop Beyond audience FREE! Mike’s one class act! Thanks everyone.


One of the highlights of the event was a call from WeddingStyle Magazine chief honcho, Grace Ormonde herself. I made arrangements for Grace to call in and surprise Mike. She talked about their professional relationship, why she gravitated towards him, and gave talked about what she looks for in photo submissions.  Considering it was 11:25 pm her time when she called, I want to give her much props and a big “thank you” for helping make the event special.


The episode will air in December some time. It’ll probably be a 4-part series. You’ll be able to check it out at fstopbeyond.tv, or PhotographyMentor.com. There will be exclusive bonus episodes too, of course. In the meantime, tune in later this month for our interview with “action hero” Kevin Kubota, then next month with [b]ecker. Great stuff in the works!

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  1. Hi Ron,
    WOW, I wish I could of gone. That sounds like a dream come true. A room full of very talented people. I can’t wait to see it in December and great job to all. You all offer so much to photography…Mike Colon, Ron Dawson, Robert Evans, David Jay, Grace Ormonde….you all are a class act.

    Thank you,


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