Let the games begin…

If you’ve been following me on Twitter lately, or if you follow the Tweets of a number of prominent professional photographers, you may have seen a lot of cryptic tweets about a “secret project.” Well, it’s no longer a secret. Here’s the deal. I’m producing a reality TV mini series for the Web starring 25 of the hottest professional photographers in the industry. The series is this year’s pre-WPPI buzz builder. Everyone will be split into two teams and given 24 hours to complete an assignment. The reality TV show part will be the behind the scenes antics. It’s sure to make great television! (or rather, great video podcasting. 🙂


Each team will be playing for two great causes: Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, and Thirst Releif. The winning team will earn a $1,000 grant for their charity. The other charity will get a $500 grant (contact me if you work for a company that would like to make a donation to the pot to up the ante for these two great charities).

In no particular order, the players are:

  • Jim Garner
  • Dane Sanders
  • [b]ecker
  • Jasmine Star
  • David Jay
  • Bronson Pate
  • Mike Colon
  • Alisha and Brook Todd
  • Steve and Jen Bebb
  • Gene Higa
  • Ann Hamilton
  • Jules Bianchi
  • Kenny Kim
  • Amber Holritz
  • Kevin Kubota
  • Catherine Hall
  • Michele Celentano
  • Joe Photo
  • Rob Evans
  • Chris and Katie Humphreys
  • Jessica Claire
  • Plus one “surprise” guest

I’m writing this blog post early from my hotel, so I can’t tell you yet specifically what the task is. Even the photographers don’t know. (Can you believe I got all these guys out here to do something, and they have no idea what it is yet. That’s dedication. Thanks to all who’ve donated their time and energy to participate.

I’ll have another update later. Follow me on Twitter throughout the day to see how you can win some free prizes.


I want to thank the sponsors without whose contribution this event would not happen:

More details to follow.

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