Cinematic Studios Evolves into a New Company – Dare Dreamer

ddm_logo.gifWhat’s in a name? Well, a lot. That’s why it’s such a big deal. A name instantly creates images in a person’s mind. It can stir feelings, good or bad. And for a company, a name is the center of your brand. That’s why it’s such a big deal for us that we’ve decided to change the name of our company from Cinematic Studios, to Dare Dreamer Media. (

If you’ve followed our company’s progress over the past few years, you already know we’ve undergone a few other major changes. First, two years ago, we switched our focus from wedding and personal events, to commercial work, with a particular focus in the pro photography industry. Since then we’ve added podcast production and reality TV production to our repertoire. And now this year, my wife and I are in the process of writing a book for PeachPit Press on cutting edge ways to grow your video business. (Come to think of it, now that we live in Georgia, it’s all the more apropos we went with PeachPit.) One of the reasons for the change was that there are just so many “cinematic” companies out there. I wanted to be able to better set ourselves apart. Second, it goes in line with the evolution of our company to an agency.

An Agency vs. Production Company
We have evolved our company into a new media marketing agency. What exactly does that mean you ask? Well, it means that as an agency, we’re more of an “idea” company and marketing strategist. We help our clients market themselves, extend their brand, and improve the bottom line by use of new media technologies, with a focus on film and video production. From web promos, to viral video campaigns, to podcast production, to DVD productions, to original online TV development, we handle everything script to screen. And as a marketing agency, we’ll do it in the context of an overall campaign. So, we don’t just make a cool video, we help it get seen.

We do this by recruiting and teaming with talented artists around the country who have the skill and experience to help us execute our clients’ marketing efforts. So, we can use a producer that works for us directly, or we may bring in another company that has a particular skill set we don’t have in our firm directly. It’s all about collaboration.

One of our goals with Dare Dreamer Media is to not only help our clients achieve their dreams, but to offer talented artists the ability to work on exciting projects they may not have otherwise had the pleasure to work on by themselves. If you’re interested in being in our network of filmmakers, photographers, and other visual or graphic artists, shoot me an an email. In the meantime, check out our brand new company Facebook page, become a fan, and keep in touch. Below is our new commercial demo reel. Enjoy!