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ron-in-the-hood1As most of you may know, we recently changed the name of our company from Cinematic Studios to Dare Dreamer Media. Our focus as a company will be more towards new media marketing in conjunction with video production, as well as original program development. They are lofty goals indeed, but life’s not worth living unless you go for the gusto.

So, since Cinematic Studios is going bye-bye…hasta la vista…sayonara,Β  so soon will the website. Which means I needed a new blog.Β  I considered creating, but I don’t want to go in that direction. At least not now. I really want a blog that can be more about me. Gosh, that sounds terribly self-serving. Let me re-state that. I want a blog that’s not just “all business,” but would also be a place where I can post more personal and self-reflective articles. It will still be written with a goal to help inspire and educate, but I may get more philosophical here and there. And, every once in a while, I may throw in movie or television review. πŸ™‚

I’ve imported all the old articles from the Cinematic Studio blog, so if there’s anything I’ve written in the past you need access to, it’ll be here.

I hope you continue to stop by for a weekly serving of inspiration, education, or entertainment. And be sure to follow along on Twitter or Facebook.

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