Keep Moving Forward! Failure—Part 3

My 4 year old loves to watch movies. He’s a chip off the ol’ block, for sure. It’s funny. He goes through these periods where he’ll watch just one movie over and over and over and over…and over again. I think we’ve seen “The Polar Express,” “The Incredibles,” “Happy Feet,”  and “It was the Year without a Santa Claus” about 50 times each. On our drive from Cali to the ATL, I think “Wall•E” was running 24/7 in the back.

One of his faves late last year was the Disney film “Meet the Robinsons.” A time travel flick about an orphan boy who’s destined to become something great, but doesn’t realize it until another boy from the future comes to show him his potential.

I want to end this week’s series about failure on a fun note. I think the clip is self explanatory. Remember, when you screw up, don’t give up. Keep moving forward! Enjoy.

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