Chase the Dream, Not the Competition

Lately the show “Britain’s Got Talent” has been getting a lot of pub. Most recently due to the amazing singing performance of Susan Boyle. But today I watched an incredible dance performance by a group on the show named “Flawless.” When Simon Cowell asks the group “Tell me, what’s the ambition here?” The leader’s response is “Chase the dream, not the competition.”

I have no idea if this is an original thought of his own, or if he got it from someone else. Who cares. I LOVE it! As we continue our look at branding and uniqueness, a topic that frequently comes up is looking at other people’s work.

Do  you look at the work of  your colleagues/competition (including how they run their business) and long “to be like them”? Do  you find yourself getting so caught up in one competitor in particular it drives you batty? Well, it’s good to be driven by competition. It’s what keeps companies on their toes to always better their product and their service. But don’t be so obsessed with your competition that you lose sight of what you really should be aiming for: your dream. Whatever that may be.

So here’s my challenge for  you:

  1. Dream it: if  you don’t already have one, create the image of your dream. Write out in detail what you want for your business and your life. Attach some pictures to it. Make it real. (For us it’s a Skywalker Ranch style compound called “Dare Dreamer Ranch,” or DDR for short.)
  2. Set it: set a date for when you plan to achieve that dream. It may be one year. Two years. Twenty years. But SET A DATE. (DDR’s date is about ten years hence).
  3. Forget ’em: that is, your competition. For one month, don’t look at any competitor’s work, read any article or forum posts about a competitor, etc. Put all your energy and effort into figuring out what’s necessary to achieve your dream. (Note: if you can’t go a whole month, at LEAST try two weeks). Note: you ARE allowed to read this blog. 🙂

For inspiration, check out the dance performance by Flawless. Click the image to watch it on YouTube.


5 thoughts on “Chase the Dream, Not the Competition

  1. Thank you for posting this Ron.

    It comes at a very good time for me as I’m trying to figure out and understand what I aim to do and achieve with my life both professionally and personally. It’s people and determination like this that inspire us to keep on going. Thank You.

    Chase the Dream, Not the Compitition.

  2. *~*Excellent Topic*~* My husband & I just returned from a wonderful non-tech vacation (all we had was our personal cell phones) and what a great time to refocus on my business goals.
    Your post came at the best time for me…Chase the Dream, Not the Competition!!

    Thank you for sharing and for your daily dose of blog inspiration!! =)

  3. Hey Ron, not sure NAB 2009 is the best place to rethink your dreams, business model and so forth. But this week I’ve been able just be with self and think about what my next move needs to be, how, do I move myself and company forward. I like when the idea of Chasing your Dreams is reinforce. Keep the taughts coming.

  4. Well stated Ron. I, like so many others I’m sure, originally went to YouTube to see Susan Boyle, and then clicked over to Flawless. They were amazing, and actually got a standing ovation from all three judges. I was quite taken by the quote, as well as their dedication to each other and their quest.
    I like your blog, will be back.
    Be well.

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