What's Possible?

So. We’ve talked alot about homogenization, being unique, yadda, yadda, yadda. We determined that we no longer want to do what everybody else is doing. But where do I start? How about 80 years from now. Take yourself there, see what is possible at that point. Work backwards, then start making it happen…today.

Share in the comments where you see photography and/or videography 80 years from today? I’d love to hear what you think? Will there be a complete convergence of the two? Will we take 100 megapixel pictures on cameras the size of a ring? Will the next big motion video media be holography? Think big! Let’s hear it.


2 thoughts on “What's Possible?

  1. There has already been a union between film and photography for over one hundred years. We have seen high quality stills grabbed from motion pictures since it’s invention and photography used as cinematic elements in films.

    Things to consider: Still motion as opposed to motion are separate by nature. Photography and Cinematography/Videography all tell stories in unique and and powerful ways. With the introduction of HD video still cams and amazing HD video cams that cam pull large still frames for print, there is some cross over, but I think you are dealing with two very different art forms with different sets of sensibilities. Sort of like painting vs sculpture in my book. Both expressive, both equally commuicative, yet one is 2D the other 3D (for the most part)

    I think the breakthroughs in digital imaging do open up more possibilities for Photogs and Videogs to express themselves and explore new mediums and incorporate them in their art. I think 100 years from now we will continue to have still motion and motion artists.

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