Worlds Collide! Doug Menuez Interview from FSB

I don’t normally cross blog streams like this, but I felt my F-Stop Beyond interview with commercial and editorial photographer Doug Menuez was so inspiring, I just had to post it here. Particularly because he addresses some of the issues about pricing, branding, homogenization, and art that have been topics as of late on this blog. Enjoy!


“You know, the thing that stops everybody is fear…If you don’t swing for the fences and take the risks, you’ll never achieve the dream.” ~ Doug Menuez

When you think of a photographer’s photographer, the kind of guy whose work and viewpoints on life inspire other greats, look no further than today’s guest, Doug Menuez. His 30+ year career has taken him from being a top notch, highly sought-after freelance photojournalist for top periodicals, to forming a multi-million per year commercial photo business working with Fortune 100 companies. Perhaps his most intriguing project to date was the 15 years he spent documenting the world of Silicon Valley. He’s had access to greats like Steve Jobs and John Doerr, and his work on the project was recently purchased by Stanford University for a proposed documentary. He’s even worked with Robert Redford to create a Sundance catalog. He’s had an amazing career. Despite his incredible financial and commercial success, Doug has also maintained his artistic integrity, at times turning down $100,000 (or greater) gigs because the creative wasn’t what he wanted. But, he’s been smart about it, creating a business plan for his career and sticking to it (kind of). No matter what kind of visual artist you are, this is an interview that will ignite your spirit. I’m excited for you all to hear it. This is one of those episodes you should just play on a continuous loop.

Next week due to a number of gigs I have to shoot and prep for, there won’t be time for me to put up a new show. So we’re going to have a re-run of my interview with “Reverie” director Vincent LaForet. Luckily, we were able to get an interview with him before he shot his ground-breaking short film with the pre-released Canon 5D Mark II. If you’re relatively new to the show and haven’t yet heard this interview, you won’t want to miss it.

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