Skip Cohen's Summer School – Don't Miss It

skip_leftA couple of months ago I was surprised to get an email from friend and mentor Skip Cohen, then president and CEO of RangeFinder Publishing/WPPI. He was leaving. What! After one of the most successful WPPI’s ever. Wow! Well, once the news broke publicly, he was flooded with people from all over the industry willing and able to be a part of whatever he did next. And why not? He’s “the man”. After twelve years as CEO of Hassleblad USA, and then seven years running WPPI and RangeFinder, Skip knows every major player in the biz (from photographers to manufacturers to service providers).

Skip is now doing what so many of you reading this blog have done: started his own thing. (He says he’s lived vicariously through so many of you, now is the time). Marketing Essentials International will be his new flagship company, and you can expect some amazing educational material to come out of it. The first of many, Skip’s Summer School.


This August 16-19, Las Vegas is about to get a lot HOTTER! Skip has put together a top notch line up of some the biggest names in the industry to be a part of a 2-1/2 day seminar/workshop. The speakers include peeps from the old school to the new school, speaking on everything aspect of the business:

  • Bambi Cantrell
  • Skip Cohen
  • Tony Corbell
  • Some black dude 😉
  • Robert Evans
  • Jim Garner
  • Matt Hill
  • Jerry Ghionis
  • Mitche Graf
  • Kevin Kubota
  • Jennifer and Charles Maring
  • Dane Sanders
  • Ken Sklute

Plus, a keynote opener by Kostas Mallios, a pro photog and futurist from Microsoft. But, it gets even better…


You probably can’t quantify the value of the education this line up will bring. So, don’t try. Just know this. You get it all for ONLY $279. That’s highway robbery if you ask me. Just one session with one of these guys is probably worth that (someone needs to teach Skip about pricing or something! 🙂  But, each paid admission includes one admission to WPPI 2010. So, for $279 you get a sort of mini-WPPI this August, plus admission to the full-blown one next March.

But wait, there’s more…


That’s right. You get to stay at the luxurious MGM grand for less than a Motel 6.

Registration is supposed to go live June 1 at Mark your calendars now! More information is to follow, including a video produced by the aforementioned black dude. 😉