Skip Cohen’s "Summer School" – MGM Ups the Ante

Last week I told you about the “mini-WPPI” convetion coming this summer called “Skip’s Summer School.” 14 speakers, 2.5 days, at the MGM Grand. Besides being an incredible learning experience, it’s sure to be loads of fun. All for only $279. That rate also includes one FREE registration to WPPI 2010.

MGM has provided a special rate of just $69/night, plus it ups the antes with the “Value Pack” — gets an attendee 2 for 1 on all entrees in the hotel, plus there’s a $35 dollar activity bonus per room per stay on anything charged to the room.

The line up includes:

  • Bambi Cantrell
  • Skip Cohen
  • Tony Corbell
  • Yours truly
  • Robert Evans
  • Jim Garner
  • Matt Hill
  • Jerry Ghionis
  • Mitche Graf
  • Kevin Kubota
  • Jennifer and Charles Maring
  • Dane Sanders
  • Ken Sklute

Plus, a keynote opener by Kostas Mallios, a pro photog and futurist from Microsoft.


This is a perfect time of the year to  get re-invigorated about your business. With everything from SEO, to new media marketing, to photo basics and album design, this is one of the most diverse platforms of its kind.

Get more info and register today at

See you there.

2 thoughts on “Skip Cohen’s "Summer School" – MGM Ups the Ante

  1. Hey Ron,

    The comparison to the films world’s overused ‘fix it in post’ saying reminds me of a short film I was working on (next o no budget) where the director actually said that. It is one thing to hear that on ‘Spiderman 3’, they can do what they want.

    But fixing it in post costs money. Or time. Or both.

    Take the time to ask that person in the background to move, wait for the car to pass, or take Skip’s suggestion and take a lighting course so you know how to light it the way you want it to look.

    Even if you are sitting alone in your own office and working on your own computer, if you are spending hours fixing something that can be done in a matter of seconds, it is costing you.

  2. Your tme/cost factor comment is an excellent one Matt. Often times when a decision is made to “fix it in post” (whether it’s a film or photography) it’s because they don’t want to either A) take the time to shoot it right, b) pay the money to shoot it right, or c) invest in the education to learn how to shoot it right. All three will most likely be significantly less investment (of your time and money) than what you may spend on project after project fixing it in post.

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