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refocus_coverRemember at the end of “Pretty in Pink” when that hot girl pointed to Jon Cryer’s character Duckie to ask him to dance? Then Duckie looked on either side of him to see if she was talking to someone else, then pointed to himself as if to ask her “Are you looking at me?” Well, that’s kind of how I felt last fall when Event DV and Streaming Media Editor Stephen Nathans-Kelley approached my wife, Tasra, and me about writing a book for the video business. (Only, I wasn’t wearing white shoes and Steve’s not a hot girl).  But, I did sorta feel like, “Are you talking to me?”  With so many amazing colleagues in the industry, we were both humbled and honored to be ask to write a book.

When asked why we were so lucky, Steve mentioned that he was inspired by how our company has evolved over the past seven years, and he wanted a book that spoke to that. There were already plenty of great resources on shooting, editing, the specifics of starting a event video business, etc. But he was hoping to put out something that touched on sales, marketing, branding, and social media. We were ready to take on the challenge. After being courted by two major publishers, we settled on PeachPit Press. These are the guys behind the books of Scott Kelby and brand superstar Marty Neumeier.  We were thrilled to say the least.


I am excited to announce that next Monday, July 20, is the official release date for ReFocus: Cutting Edge Strategies to Evolve Your Video Business.  The book is broken up into three main sections:

  1. Choose Your Path: in this section we discuss the different sizes and forms of business you may want to engage in, the major areas of corporate and event video production, the latest trends in each, and the importance of choosing a primary path of expertise.
  2. Sales and Marketing: here we get down to the nitty-gritty of assessing your current marketing situation, developing a brand, and implementing strategies to get paid what you’re worth. This is also where we discuss in-depth creative ways to use social media in your marketing mix.
  3. Systematize Your Business: in the last main section we discuss real strategies for setting up your business in such a way so that you run it, not the other way around.

There are also an inspirational introduction and a closing Section 4 we hope will motivate you to take your business to a whole new level.


One of the things I really like about the book is that it’s not just about us. That is, it’s not a story about how our business has evolved (although that is definitely part of it). But it’s more about what we’ve gleaned from those who’ve come before us. To that extent, just about every chapter has 1-2 real life case studies about other video businesses and how an aspect of their success relates to the associated chapter. So there’s the “text book” education, AND the real world schooling.

Lastly, we’re honored to have forewords by two respected and influential leaders in the film and video business: Steve Weiss, 20+ year video producer veteran and co-founder and partner of the camera gear manufacturer Zacuto, and David Hebel, founder and CEO of Digital Juice Inc.

We’re excited to have such a major publisher print a book like this for our industry, and we’re honored to have been the ones to write it. Here’s a trailer for the book. Special thanks to my friends Jason and Jason at ECG Productions for allowing us to film in their studio/office space, and for being our “talent.” Pre-order your copy today!

3 thoughts on “ReFocus Book Trailer

  1. Wow! Awesome intro! Did you shoot Tasra with a 5D? Looked like a 35 mm fixed lens with an added Magic Bullet look…. Tell us your secrets Ron!!! 🙂

  2. @kevin – it’s too late to have you write an intro, but we do quote your famous “hill” mantra (giving you credit of course). 🙂

    @ted – Thanks for the compliment. The video was shot on the 5DMII using a 70-200 2.8 L and a 24-70. I forget the Magic Bullet recipe we used on Tasra’s part. We took two of them and tweaked each a bit. If you really want to know, email me and I’ll look at the FCP file.

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