SPA Business School DVD Clip

One of the problems that exists in both the photography and videography worlds with respect to artists is a lack of business acumen. To be successful in this business, you need to do great work, and be smart in how you run your business. For that reason, the Senior Portrait Artists (SPA) Event always has programs geared specifically to running a business. The 3-disc set we just produced for them has two terrific discs dedicated to business education. Here is a clip from Disc 2, “SPA Business School – Part 1.” With presentations from Kirk Voclain, Kia Bondurant, John Ratchford, and Nancy Nardi, this disc covers everything from sales, marketing, pricing, social media, and more.

The 3-disc SPA Event DVD is now available for a pre-order price of just $349 (MSRP $599). SPA members get 15% off. Pre-order your copy today.

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