What Are Today's Aspiring Filmmakers to Do?

When I attended film and video school back in ’92, I had to edit my video projects on a tape-to-tape machine. You’d put your source tape in one machine, then the destination tape in the other. You’d have to lay down all the music and other audio first, then set in and out points on this clunker of a machine to mark which parts of the source tape you wanted to copy over. It was painstakingly slow. Now, with non-linear editing programs (NLEs) like Final Cut Studio and Adobe Premiere, it’s significantly easier. Heck, entry level NLEs like iMovie make it possible for grade schoolers to cut a film.

Then, there are today’s camcorders. The quality of imagery you get for the money is amazing. With a used little camcorder like Canon’s HV20 (which you could probably get on eBay for a grand or less), and a cheap 35mm adapter like the JAG35, you could shoot a feature indie film that looks great, with rich color and depth.

Then, there’s the internet. Can’t get any of the Hollywood studios to buy your film? That’s okay. Forget them. Make a killer trailer, a cool blog, and a Facebook fan page, then use a site like TubeMogul to get your video distributed to sites like YouTube, blip.tv, Vimeo, and all the rest of the video sharing sites.

So, with the barriers to entry for aspiring filmmakers so much lower now, how does one get noticed? Check out this clip from Comic-con 2006 and gain some sage advice. In the words of “Inglourious Bastards” director Quentin Tarantino, “Make a <bleeping> kick-ass movie!”

What do YOU think it takes to break into the movie biz today?


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