One Month to Live – Day 2

Where appropriate, I’d like to share with you my daily “One Month to Live” assignments. Day 2 is to create a visual metaphor for what your life would be like if you lived it to the fullest. Here’s mine:


As a visual representation or metaphor for how I want to envision my life during the One Month to Live challenge, I choose the Fellowship of the Ring—JRR’s Tolkien’s fantasy about a small Hobbit, Frodo, tasked with destroying the “One” ring, and the 8 companions who strode off with him. What I love about the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy is that the Fellowship’s journey is such a fantastic representation of life, and what’s possible when you have incredible faith. Hobbits are the smallest, most peaceful and least battle-trained denizens of Middle Earth. Yet, it was one of these smallest creatures, Frodo, charged with destroying the most evil item in the land, Lord Sauron’sMaster Ring.” Like David was to Goliath, Frodo was to Sauron.

The fellowship’s journey was much like life in that there was extreme joy, and extreme pain. Excitement and fear. Compassion and betrayal. At one point, Frodo, tired from the quest, has a chat with the wizard Gandalf and says he wishes none of these things came upon him, that he wasn’t given this burden to bear. Gandalf, in his wisdom, counsels Frodo that we cannot control the things in life that befall us, we can only control what we decide to do with the time that is given to us.

In that same speech, Frodo laments that his uncle Bilbo never killed the evil creature Gollum when he had the chance (Gollum is following the fellowship in hopes of retrieving the One Ring). Gandolf asks Frodo who is he to determine who lives and who dies. The pity that Bilbo showed Gollum may play some larger role they cannot yet see. (In fact, it does when Gollum himself becomes the key reason the ring eventually is destroyed). Again, this terrific story reminds us that we cannot see the future, we cannot control who lives or dies, including ourselves. And that there is a bigger force at work.

So, I want to live life like I’m on a grand adventure: knowing there will be good times and bad ahead. Knowing that I’ll face challenges and do things I never thought I could do. And knowing that I have a purpose. A purpose that is bigger than even I can comprehend, but not too big for God to get me there.

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