The Devil Wears Boda – Slightly Revised

Skip’s Summer School is only two weeks out (can’t wait). The MGM Grand only has 50 (or fewer) rooms left at the $69/night rate. Use promo code SSS003 when reserving room. What are you waiting for? Act now. The amount of education you’re going to receive will pay for itself many times over. Plus, with the new payment plan, you don’t even have to make the final payment until after the event. You could earn your money back BEFORE you even pay it all out.

I dug up this old clip from the past starring Skip Summer School speakers Bambi Cantrell (in a role made JUST for her), with a quick cameo by Summer School speaker Jim Garner. Other cameos by Joe Photo, Matthew Jordan Smith, Joe Buissink, Michele Celentano, and Yervant. It’s a hoot. Enjoy!

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