Comparison Kills Creativity – Day 11

On July 31 I issued a challenge to my blog readers. For one month, don’t look at the work of anyone who does the same kind of work you do (e.g. if you’re a wedding videographer/photographer, don’t look at anyone else’s wedding work; etc.) I call it the “Comparison Kills Creativity Campaign.” It’s purpose is simple: to encourage you (and me) to stretch our imagination and find alternate sources of inspiration other than our colleagues and competitors. It’s only for just one month (then you can go back to ogling over other people’s work. 🙂  Your month can start whenever you like. Start now if you haven’t already. Mine started August 1. My report card so far? I can admit that out of habit, I did slip up about two or three times and started to watch videos from colleagues who fall into “don’t watch their work” category. Within a couple of minutes I caught myself, slapped my writst, and clicked off the link. Boy, it’s amazing how easy it is for me to instantly gravitate to watching someone else’s work. Even when it’s my OWN challenge!

As part of my month-long challenge, I’m looking for ways to push my creativity. So, I’m doing little projects here and there to get the creative juices flowing. I’d like to share one with you in hopes it may encourage you to keep up the challenge. Push yourself.

Below is an image I created. Can you tell me how I made it? In a couple of days I’lll post the answer.


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