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My wife (and Dare Dreamer Media creative director) Tasra has two passions very dear to her: photography and helping teen girls. As a past middle school teacher, she coached girls basketball and taught a girl’s dance team. Her master’s thesis was about teen girls and their issues with self-esteem.

Her love for photography is something that has grown and matured over the years, stemming from her passion for scrapbooking and being the official preserver of the Dawson family memories. It’s no surprise that these two passions eventually came together to form Teen Identity Portraits & Magazine.

Recognizing the power of video in selling he services, we immediately made plans to produce a promo film for the business. So in June we recruited six girls from the neighborhood to do a teen model shoot. I busted out the Canon 5D Mark II to shoot the video and we spent an afternoon doing what we both love to do.


Our approach to producing these web promos is a reflective and introspective look at your company and brand. We pick out those elements of your product or service that really hits the most powerful emotional points of your perspective clients/customers. For Teen Identity, we knew we wanted to touch on the issues of self esteem and the pressures in today’s society to look like a celebrity. We also wanted to capture the essence of the experience the girls had shooting with Tasra. What resulted is a poignant expose of Tasra’s passion and the fun experience of working with her. Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Teen Identity Promo

  1. Nice work guys. The 5D footage looks great! Very cinematic!!! I look forward to more great images from Tasra.

  2. For a magazine promo about “we wanted to touch on the issues of self esteem and the pressures in today’s society to look like a celebrity” you choose 6 beautiful girls? Girls that could easily be in a tv-series like ‘Gossip Girl’ or similar? I know: of course beautiful girls can have self esteem issues too.

  3. @ron: Of course not. Like I said: your talking about “the pressures in today’s society to look like a celebrity” and you used 6 girls that would easily fit in a tv-serie. Appearance wise that is, I don’t know if they can act ;). So to me that is a bit of a contradiction. It is a well known fact (there have been studies) that ‘better looking’ people have it ‘easier’. For example most of the time it’s easier for them to get a job and they have more friends.
    (don’t shoot me if I use the wrong words, English is not my first language)

  4. Hey Niek,
    No shooting here. 🙂 I appreciate your input. And, I can understand it. But wouild you be surprised to know that statistically speaking, as far as teen girls are concerned, the girls which have the highest percentage of self esteem issues or self-esteem related “disorders” (e.g. balemia, etc.) are the “pretty” ones. I found that very interesting.

    All that being said, as we do more and more portrait sessions, we’ll have a wide range of girls on the website. Also, for what it’s worth, we didn’t recruit these girls. One of them was in our neighborhood and said she had some friends who’d like to be part of the promo we wanted to created. They all just happen to be very attractive girls (on the inside and out).

    Anyway, I can totally understand your reaction. It’s actually expected. I like how it opens up the conversation. Thanks again.

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