30 Doors

How many of you out there ever feel like throwing in the towel? Like this passion you’ve pursued for so long isn’t going anywhere? It’s hard to make ends meet. You’re tired of people saying “no thank you.” You know you have so much to offer and that great things are destined for you, but it seems like it’s taking forever to “make it big.” I would hazard to guess that no matter who you are, nor how “successful” you may be, at some point in your journey as an entrepreneur you’ve had those feelings. I’ll be the first to admit that I get them. And when I do, after sulking around a bit, I usually find some inspirational book, or word from a friend, or land some big gig that makes everything alright—that reminds me, “yeah, I DO have what it takes.”

Or, I come across people like Derrick. When I hear about his challenges, and consider his story, I feel down right ashamed that I would ever complain. It’s people like Derrick who make this country great.

I’m sure many of you who read this blog may have already seen the video below. It’s a low budget (i.e. no budget) documentary of sorts. It takes place at a doorway. And it stars Derrick. Shot and edited by my good friend Zack Arias, who happened to be the right guy at the right time to cross paths with Derrick. If you’ve seen this video already, watch it again and to be reminded of the importance of hope and perseverance. Keep that momentum going. If you haven’t yet seen it, prepared to be inspired.

Below the video is a donate button where you can help Derrick out. He’s by no means a charity case as you’ll see. He’s selling soap (good soap) to make a better life for himself. But, as you’ll see from the video, he’s given us a whole lot more than just a cleaning product.

At the end of the video, ask yourself, “how many doors have you “knocked on” today?”


3 thoughts on “30 Doors

  1. Great Post and Great Video! I love the fact that Derrick says no matter how unpopular you are, there is still at least 1 person wanting to be like you. That is encouraging to hear when you don’t feel like you are being noticed much in your world.

  2. Although this all seems great and optimistic I was approached by a youth from a similar organization with a VERY similar spiel, selling magazine subscriptions. So I bought a couple and to this day have yet to see one magazine. I called the number on the receipt and spoke to a rep with the organization and they promised they would get the magazines ordered for me ASAP. That was 6 months ago.

  3. Hey James,

    Truly sorry to say that you had such a bad experience. But what really counts is where your heart was. And it seems like your heart was in the right place when you placed that order. Latch on to that. And I hope your bad experience hasn’t hardened your heart towards helping others in similar situations.

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