Build a Book, Help a Great Cause

I think it’s great when capitalistic commerce combines with compassion and caring to create great collaborations. Blurb—the creative publishing platform that allows anyone to design, publish, share, and sell your own professional-quality books—is helping out Bridges to Understanding, a non-profit which uses digital technology and the art of storytelling to empower and unite youth worldwide, enhance cross-cultural understanding and build global citizenship. Blurb is offering two promotions to help Bridges to Understanding.

First, use the coupon code bridges-H9FQ and get $31.95 off your own self-designed Blurb book. This offer is good until Monday, August 31.

Second, use the coupon code “bridges-donate” and get $10 off your next Blurb book. For every one of these purchases, Blurb will donate $2 to Bridges to Understanding. Donations will continue until September 21, 2009.

I strongly believe that we can greatly improve our future if we instill within our children values that lead to compassion and understanding for others. What a great way to do that by empowering them to use their own creativity in digital storytelling. I encourage all of my visual arts blog readers to learn more about this fantastic organization. It’s so cool to see all the photo slideshow documentaries created by kids all over the world. A couple of days ago I encouraged you to get inspiration from the eyes of a child. I see no better way to do that than to watch these engaging videos.

Students at the Tibetan Childrens Village work on their digital story Compassion in Action.
Students at the Tibetan Children's Village work on their digital story "Compassion in Action."
Aki Kurose Middle School students in Seattle view the digital story Compassion in Action made by students at the Tibetan Childrens Village.
Aki Kurose Middle School students in Seattle view the digital story "Compassion in Action" made by students at the Tibetan Children's Village.