Thinking Outside the Blocks-Innovation Lessons from a 4 Year Old

bub-blocksMy four year-old son has a plastic block set that I’ve played with him for years. It’s comprised of small blocks, big blocks, long blocks, and short blocks. It has blocks of all the major colors. You got your red blocks. Your blue blocks. Your yellow blocks. And your green blocks. It’s even got orange blocks.

Whenever we play blocks, I always build castles, or towers, or forts. You know, architectural, uh…block-shaped things. This morning he starts building a giraffe. It never ever occurred to me 1) to build anything that wan’t comprised primarily of 90 degree angles, or 2) that he even knew how to make a giraffe. (Perhaps if I had looked at the pictures on the bag the blocks come in, I would have seen the diversity of ideas for block building. Go figure.)

But, he didn’t just stop at making a giraffe (well, he actually made two. A mommy giraffe and a baby giraffe.) He made giraffes with wings. And on the wings were guns. (He is a boy after all). Who would’ve thought I’d get a lesson in innovation from my own toddler.

How have you innovated in your business today? Do you innovate? What are some of your most “out of the blocks” ideas?

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2 thoughts on “Thinking Outside the Blocks-Innovation Lessons from a 4 Year Old

  1. I may be slightly biased, but I love this post. There are often so many ideas sitting right in front of us that we fail to see. What a great visual reminder to see through the eyes of a child.

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