PerspectivEye Photography Promo Sneak Peek

Gabe McClintock of PerspectivEye Photography in Calgary, Alberta in Canada flew us up to create a promo film that would share his love for photography and “connecting” with his clients. This is a sneak peek preview of the full promo. Running time: 1:21

The Power of the Preview
There are three effective business uses for these sneak peek previews:

  1. Build buzz with your prospects the way a traditional trailer builds buzz for a movie.
  2. Since they’re less than 90 seconds, you can add it to your Flickr portfolio.
  3. To show those uber-busy wedding coordinators who may not have time for a whole promo.

Tune back in a week or so to see the full blown promo.

9 thoughts on “PerspectivEye Photography Promo Sneak Peek

  1. Man… the 5D works so well to compliment photographers work. I know this is obvious being both a photo and video tool, but it is important that the images doesn't clash- going from photo stills to video frames. I might have to get one of these bad boys now! I'm waiting for Canon to come out with a true 5D imager inside a “real” ergonomically designed video camera. I've heard rumors.

  2. Sweet promo for Gabe. Great work…plus I'm glad you enjoyed Canada. I'm only sorry I did not get a chance to work with you this year. But I'm looking forward to next year. I can't wait to have a promo from you on my site.Regards,Carl

  3. Thanks Oleksandr. It was such a great project to work on. And Gabe and hiswife were terrific hosts. In the full version, we learn about how he startedto LOVE shooting weddings and get more insight into how he works anengagement session and why he does what he does. I really do love his worktoo.

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