Inspiration thru Collaboration: Photography

My last two posts explored how collaborative efforts in music, then dance, can inspire us to be better artists, better business people, and better citizens of the world. Today the theme continues with the collaboration of another art form: photography. Famed commercial photographer Jeremy Cowart has started an organization to help provide self-esteem and hope to those less needy. It’s called Help-Portrait, and it has become a world-wide movement of photographers who on December 12 of this year will take photos of someone who needs a friend. A shoulder to cry on. A smile. A burst of self-esteem. Food. Whatever can be provided. If you fancy yourself any kind of a photographer, you too can get involved. All you have to do is:

  1. Find someone in need.
  2. Take their portrait.
  3. Print their portrait.
  4. Deliver them.

That’s it. It all goes down December 12. Will you join this “dance” and sing this “song”?