Crossing the 180 (coming soon)

The newest creation from FSB host/creator Ron Dawson, this is to filmmakers what F-Stop Beyond is to photographers. Since Ron is a filmmaker himself, he could no longer fight the urge to have the same kind of in-depth, poignant and personal conversations with professionals in his industry. And like FSB, guests run the gamut from the obvious to the obscure. Established professionals in Hollywood like X-Men producer Ralph Winter, or Terminator: Salvation DP Shane Hurlbut; to social media juggernauts like international cinematographer and HD DSLR guru Philip Bloom; to amazing short film filmmakers like fellow Atlanta local Brandon McCormick of Whitestone Motion Pictures; and even wedding and event filmmakers like wunderkind and USC film grad Kevin Shahinian. Many more are already in the can and/or in the works.

In the future we hope to bring you more exciting, informative, and insightful programming. If you have suggestions for guests on any of the shows, feel free to email and tell us who, what show, and why. Be sure to include links to any websites that will help us learn more about the person.

Tune in every other Friday, starting this Friday, Jan 1, 2010. Along with the new FSB website. Don’t miss it!