Crossing the 180: Ep. 1 – Ralph Winter

Today in our inaugural episode we have X-Men producer Ralph Winter. Ralph, who happens to be a fellow Cal alum (go Bears) will share with us the history of his career, whether or not it’s easier or harder to break into Hollywood, his opinion about what’s wrong with contemporary Christian filmmaking, and he gives insight into the recent announcement of Disney’s offer to buy Marvel. We also have an insightful talk about whether one can separate an artist from his art, i.e. is it okay to like Woody Allen movies despite Woody’s questionable life choices. It’s an informative and thought-provoking conversation and a great kick-off for a new show.

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And now, on with the show.
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2 thoughts on “Crossing the 180: Ep. 1 – Ralph Winter

  1. Loved the interview! It was helpful to hear a fellow Christian speak about the concerns of so called "Christian Media" and its disconnect from the real world. Thank you for this wonderful interview, Ron.

    1. Glad you liked the interview. If you liked this one, be sure to keep an eye out in a few weeks for our interview with Brandon McCormick of Whitestone Motion Pictures.

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