Crossing the 180: Ep. 3 – Philip Bloom

If you are a fan of the Star Wars site or are an avid follower of the goings on in the HD DSLR world, then you know our guest well. In fact, when you consider he has nearly 8,000 followers on Twitter, he is easily one of the most social media savvy cinematographers in the world. Internationally renown DP and cameraman Philip Bloom has been on a roll lately. From his guest appearances (twice now) on the Zacuto produced show FilmFellas, to the co-host gig of the other Zacuto show Critics, to his latest piece de resistance, the Skywalker Ranch video. However, months before he was invited to by team Lucas to shoot at Skywalker Ranch, I had the opportunity to meet with and interview Philip at the annual WEVA Expo. Philip has promised to come back shortly to give us an update on his life since Skywalker. But in the meantime, this is a great interview where Philip tells� how he got into the biz, the development of his career over the past 20 years, and how and why he uses social media and Twitter in his business. We also talk about HD DSLRs, their impact on the industry, what it takes to make a “film” look, and we discuss the downsides of heavy social media activity, “trolls.” This is a must-listen episode! To learn more about creating the film look, be sure to check out Philip’s website

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I’m helping Philip come up with a new name for his Canon 5D training video (listen to interview to understand this context). The name I came up with was “Bloom in 5D.” Tell us what you think. 😉

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Philip Bloom
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