Crossing the 180: Ep. 4 – Brandon McCormick

I am very excited to have today’s episode finally air. It’s an interview with one of the most talented (and giving) young filmmakers I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. Brandon McCormick is the founder and owner of Whitestone Motion Pictures of Lawrenceville, GA (in the Atlanta Metro). He has one of the most amazing stories about how he got into the business, what he’s doing now, and what his dreams are for the future. He and his crew are doing feature film quality work, including shooting with the coveted Sony Cine Alta camera (yeah, that same camera George Lucas used to shoot the Star Wars prequels). Brandon has no formal film school training, but has an eye for story and directing that has made him known nationwide.  His films have production values that will blow your way, including full blown musical scores. You’ll learn how he came very close to heading out to La La land to follow his Hollywood dream, but then was given an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Brandon talks about Whitestone’s production process, how he found his terrific team, his feelings about film contests and his experience with them, the importance of story, and he gives his own take on today’s Christian themed cinema. If you have dreams about becoming a filmmaker, Brandon’s story will inspire and encourage you.

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Brandon McCormick on “Crossing the 180”
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Here’s the film “That’s Magic” that was mentioned in the episode.

Here’s “Awake O’Sleeper”