Crossing the 180: Ep. 5 – Kevin Shahinian

Today starts a series of episodes where I will highlight filmmakers who just happen to have got their start (or are still in) wedding and event filmmaking. Toss out any preconceived notions you may have about what you think wedding videos may be. Starting with today’s guest, you’ll quickly learn that some of the most talented young filmmakers in the world today just happen to shoot weddings and similar events.

Kevin Shahinian dreamed about making movies. He was a student at USC’s film school and desired to get into their prestigious Production Program (that only accepted 5-10 applicants per semester). When he wasn’t accepted, he resorted to going above and beyond in his production class and created films that were over the top. Little did he know that his professor in that class was on the acceptance committee for the Production Program and Kevin’s tenacity and hard work got him in. After film school he did a couple of short stints at uber-agent house CAA as well as a Jim “King of the World”  Cameron’s Lightstorm. But neither of these jobs fulfilled his passion of actually making films. Eventually he decided to pursue shooting weddings. Having so many friends in “Hollywood,” Kevin was embarrassed at first to even put his name on his website or blog. All that’s changed now. With the name he’s made for himself worldwide based on the Bollywood style concept films, and most recently his “Bourne Identity-looking love story “Sno,” Kevin has proudly gone forth to proclaim both the artistry and the viability of making these kind of films.

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Kevin Shahinian on “Crossing the 180″
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Here’s the film “Sno” mentioned in the episode:
Megan + Narbeh’s Sweden Thriller Concept “Snow” from PACIFIC PICTURES on Vimeo.

The trailer for Kevin’s Bollywood concept film “The Heart Knows”

(Teaser) Anuja + Nirav’s Bollywood Concept “Dil Jaanta Hai (The Heart Knows)” from PACIFIC PICTURES on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “Crossing the 180: Ep. 5 – Kevin Shahinian

  1. This is a very inspiring interview. I like the idea of "documenting emotions" using concept films (1:03:00). I'm a big fan of "Snow"!

  2. I really enjoyed this one. Kevin is doing outrageously preposterous stuff, and I love it! I went to film school, and I know how hard it is to work with non-professional talent, which makes it all the more impressive to me to the the professional results he’s getting. Gifted! And awesome to watch. Great interview Ron.

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