A New Focus and Direction for Dare Dreamer Media

Our company Dare Dreamer Media has evolved quite a bit over the nearly 8 years we’ve been in business. Our specialty is combining video with social media to help our clients achieve objective results. But lately I’ve been moved to specialize in providing services to organizations that represent worthy causes. Non-profits, schools, community organizations, and charity events are just a few of the types of clients we’re looking to serve. We want to create films that bring hope and enlightenment. To that extent, we wanted to help identify the type of organizations and jobs we’re perfect for:

  • An organization that has a message to communicate in a powerfully emotional way. A message that needs to be heard because of the positive changes it will make in the community. A message that will inspire your audience. A message of hope.
  • A Fortune 1000 company looking to motivate your personnel to aspire to higher goals than ever before reached. To encourage them in times when the horizon may seem bleak. To remind them of the important mission set out before them.
  • An individual passionate about helping other people improve their lives and move forward. You’re a speaker, coach, teacher, or author whose work has already had a powerful impact on others. Now you want to reach a wider audience using the power of video and social media to communicate your message.
  • A small business with a product or service that is unique and compelling. One that is best communicated via a film that will emotionally connect with your desired customers or clients.

Our New Mission Statement

Dare Dreamer Media is a social media and video production agency that specializes in partnering with worthy causes. We use our God-given gifts as storytellers to inspire, encourage, and move our clients’ audiences to improve their lives and better the community. We do that by providing superior customer service and a premium product marked by stunning creativity. We want nothing less than to change the world.

Our Latest Production

Below is our latest production for long-time client Pictage. It’s an inspirational recap from their yearly conference PartnerCon.


9 thoughts on “A New Focus and Direction for Dare Dreamer Media

  1. Well done sir, take a bow.Love the new direction, love the heart, the servanthood, the professionalism and the light you can shed with your business. God Bless Ron & Tasra.

  2. great video Ron. Very moving. Keep up the good work, and we hope to See you in SF soon.Take care

  3. Inspiring video! Wow! Truly a video with purpose and passion. I love to see film makers making a difference in people's lives through multimedia!! Thanks for sharing this inspiring video on your blog. I was curious, what type of video camera did you used for this shoot? Great shots and amazing footage! Please let me know the type of camera you used for this shoot, I am curious to hear what type of camera you used to get such a crisp and film look to the video. Love the video!!

  4. Good news Ron. It's bold to brand in specifics. That's where the “A” in dare comes in. I to am working with a non-profit with a worthy mission, “The united States of Hope” Video and social media integration are huge playing fields right now for NPOs. Times are tight and they are looking for effective internal and external communications strategies.

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