Crossing the 180: Ep. 6 – Ryan Bodie

Imagine sitting in an office getting ready to sign a contract for a corporate video gig when in casual conversation it comes up that you also happen to shoot weddings. Upon hearing that news, the client says, “Oh.. weddings? Really?” And kindly asks you to leave. Well, that’s pretty much what happened to today’s guest. Ryan Bodie of Studio 26 Productions is a filmmaker who is shooting music videos, feature films, live events, large corporate jobs and he happens to shoot weddings. We’re in a series interviewing filmmakers who have gotten their start in wedding filmmaking or are still in it doing amazing things. Ryan shares with us how he got his start. Getting accepted at NYU but instead taking an opportunity of a life time to work for an Emmy-Award winning producer. Working at ABC and Time Warner as a video journalist and cutting on an Avid. He then started shooting weddings on the side and within two years started making more money there than his gig at Time Warner. As we wedding business blossomed, he branched out into corporate work and live events. Then he got an idea for family film about a wandering hobo named Click-Clack Jack. Ryan tells us about the process  of shooting that film. There is so much to learn from Ryan. Are you ready?

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Ryan Bodie on “Crossing the 180″
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  1. Awesome interview! I appreciate the openess regard Christian Filmmakers. If we are going to make Christ relevant to this world, it needs to be done with this culture in mind… grounded in the faith and values of Christ. Great work gents!

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