Full Frame Boogie in "WPPI…Rocked!" – Teaser Trailer

Photo by Tasra Dawson. © 2010

So last Tuesday, late in the afternoon, the day before the WPPI awards ceremony, I get a call from RangeFinder editor Bill Hurter.  He tells me that someone wants to talk to me. He puts master photographer, speaker, and consultant Tony Corbell on the line. “Hey bud,” Tony says. “Are you available to shoot a gig tomorrow.”

“Um.  Sure.” I say.

“Great. My band is playing before the awards ceremony and I’d like you to shoot it.”


And so was the beginning of a short rock concert film.

It seems like most visual artists I know all have one other significant artistic talent besides their visual artistry. And it usually tends to be something related to music (I even fancy myself somewhat of a dancer). Last week at the annual WPPI conference and expo, where over 14,000 photographers from around the world were in attendance, we were treated to the musical melodious talents of some of the world’s most renown photographers. Tony Corbell, Josh Haftel, Robert Hughes, Mitche Graf, Jay Goldman, and that “wonder from down under”, Jerry Ghionis, put down their cameras (where applicable) and put on a “concert” for the award ceremony attendees. I must admit, I was quite surprised at how good they were.

I was able to record some pre-show preparation and filmed the show like a concert documentary (as best as a one camera man can film a 6-piece rock band armed only with a Canon 7D and tripod). I think you’ll like the results. Until the main film is finished, I’ll post a few teasers for you. Here’s the first. Enjoy. Special thanks to Nik Software for sponsoring this project.