C180-010: Tyler Ginter of the 55th Combat Camera Company

When I started this podcast, I never expected that one of my most anticipated guests would be a member of the armed forces. But today we have just that. Lt. Tyler Ginter of the 55th Combat Camera Company is an insanely talented filmmaker who really knows his stuff. He has a widely read blog and is very active on Twitter sharing resources for filmmakers. In this episode Tyler shares with us how he got into filmmaking and how he uses it in the field. He’ also talks about the power of social media for filmmakers. He also gives us some great resource links to find free stock video footage. And I naturally ask him about his take on this year’s best picture Oscar winner “The Hurt Locker.”

Bumper music for this show is “Tater City” by Glenn Shambroom, part of the TRUE ROMANCE collection, courtesy of Triple Scoop Music.


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Tyler Ginter on “Crossing the 180”
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