C180-011: Steve Weiss of Zacuto

If you’re an independent filmmaker, event filmmaker, corporate videographer, or aspiring film student, there’s a very good chance you’ve heard of Zacuto. They are the “Mercedes Benz” of camera gear and accessories. The product side of the business is only five years old, but they seem like they’ve been around forever. A large reason is due to today’s guest, Steve Weiss. Nearly a 30-year veteran himself, Steve has made a point too make his products (from camera gear to online webisodes) of the highest caliber. He makes no apologies for the investment one needs to make in his products. He knows they’re expensive compared to his competition, but he also knows they are worth what you invest.

That same desire to make products of the highest caliber extends to the webisodic productions Zacuto makes. From FilmFellas (which I had the honor to be a guest on), to Critics, to his latest foray, The Great Camera Shootout of 2010. A side-by-side comparison of 35mm film (from both Fuji and Kodak) to Canon’s 5D Mark II, the 1D Mark IV, the 7D, Nikon’s D3s, Panasonic’s Lumix GH1, and even the new Canon Rebel T2i. It’s by far one of the most compelling comparison tests in the industry, and Zacuto spared no expense producing it. The production quality of the series is evident from the first few frames (see the trailer below). And it seems like the whole filmmaking world (at least the one that is social media savvy) was waiting for it. (Their servers were overloaded on the day it premiered and the whole site was down temporarily).

In this MUST LISTEN episode, Steve talks about the history of his career (did you know he started as a <gasp> wedding videographer?), the impetus of the shootout, the reason behind his philosophy on marketing and producing high quality products, the origin of Zacuto, and his take on the industry and where it’s going. This is one of those episodes where you may want to take notes. Enjoy!

The Business of Hollywood: A Special Series Coming to Crossing the 180

This episode is a great introduction to a series we’re starting called “The Business of Hollywood.” So far I’ve interviewed a TV producer/writer, software developers, the production head for Alcon Entertainment (makers of “Book of Eli”) and the co-director of “Eli,” Albert Hughes of the Hughes Brothers fame. You don’t want to miss these episodes.

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Steve Weiss on “Crossing the 180″
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Zacuto Great Camera Shootout 2010 Trailer ~ High Noon from Zacuto USA on Vimeo.

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  1. Amazing interview Ron!! I really like Steve and Zacuto, and enjoy immensely all their shows they've been doing. But this interview makes me respect Steve even more. Thanks for sharing Steve.

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