Is Your About Page Memorable?

Whenever I coach small business photographers or videographers, one of the things I usually harp on my clients about is their About page. Nine times out of ten, their about pages sound something like this: “We love to capture the memories of your special day. Photography/Video is so important to us and there’s nothing more important to YOU than capturing those once in a lifetime memories… blah, blah, blah.”

EVERYBODY says something like that. Your about page needs to stand out. It needs to set you apart. When people read it, they need to sit up and take notice. And more important, they need to remember you.

I always encourage photogs and videogs to tell a funny anecdote; or include some information about you that really sets you apart—you won an Oscar, or you were on Oprah, or you won some coveted award that a million other people DON’T also have, i.e. Telly’s don’t cut it. (As multi-award winning and celebrity wedding filmmaker Brett Culp used to jest, “My son has a Telly.”)

A Couple from Nashville Gets It Right

One of the things I love about Twitter is discovering new and interesting people. Today I discovered this couple: Eugene and Heather Brown of 2 Duce 2 Films in Nashville, TN. They followed me, so I clicked over to their Twitter profile to check ’em out. Admittedly, I was first intrigued because, like myself, they are an interracial couple in the visual arts industry. But when I checked out their website and read their about page, I knew I had to blog about them. Their about page is fun. It’s fresh. And more importantly, it’s memorable. From memory, having only read it once, I can tell you that Heather wants 4 children, she wants to own a Christmas tree farm, that Eugene peed in the bed (I forget until which age), he’s a Mac addict, they start decorating for Christmas on Halloween, and their rottweiler thinks she’s a cat. I honestly only looked at their about page only once. That my friends, is how you should write an About page.

I should also point out that their custom Twitter page was also very compelling. Just another reason to make sure even your Twitter page draws people in. You never know who may blog about you because of it. 🙂

Kudos Eugene and Heather for your cool site and your very effective About page.

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  1. that is so cool, I tell other mom photogs the same thing, they tend to say the same oh over and over! great article and I so want a customized twitter background too,so great meeting you at wppi

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