A great example of a short concert doc

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One of the decisions I made this year on my quest to return to my filmmaking roots is to highlight other amazing filmmakers I come across. It’s all part of 1) giving back, 2) being inspired and 3) helping to inspire others (either with my own work or the work of colleagues). Today I came across this terrific short film documentary about singer/song writer Mat Kearney. I found it on Vimeo. (If you want to see some of the most creative work being done by filmmakers with HD DSLRs, just hang out on Vimeo for an hour.)

How I Found It

On Vimeo’s home page, once you’re logged in, you’ll see a list of new videos in your “Inbox.” If people connected to you on Vimeo upload a new video, or “Like” a video, that video will be part of your inbox (are you seeing the social networking possibilities. It’s similar to tagging in Facebook.) I frequently will quickly scroll through these vids to see if anything of interest is there.

I saw the title “City of Black & White Tour – 7D Documentary.” The first thing that caught my attention was the reference in the title to the camera used. It’s kind of comical to me that nowadays, during this HD DSLR craze, filmmakers like putting the camera used as part of the film’s title.  But, I understand why they do it. Filmmaking and HD DSLR aficionados roam the “halls” of Vimeo. They (like me) all want to see the latest and greatest by these cameras, to be inspired, and learn how others do it. (It was through Vimeo that the NFL discovered friend and colleague StillMotion and their work.) The “7D Documentary” is what caught my attention when I saw the title. So I guess it works.

What I Like About This Piece

The filmmaker who made this short is Charles Son. There are more details about the piece in the video description. Here are a few things I like about this film:

  • Great opening that draws you in
  • Terrific composition (check out how Charles films the conversation between the two band members at 1:55.)
  • Color grading in post was well done
  • Great use of recorded music synched to live music.
  • Great combination of natural audio
  • Clear, crisp audio of the interview
  • Loved the mix of the main interview with the behind the scenes interviews.
  • Poignant ending soundbite with great visual montage.
  • Feel-good ending

The main critique I have is that he didn’t put the band’s URL in the actual video. It’s gotten over 33,000 views so far on Vimeo. I’m sure some of that is from embedded videos (like I did below). In pieces like this, put the URL.

Enjoy the Show

I have no doubt  you’ll enjoy this video. And, like me, maybe you will discover a new band to check out. Well done Mr. Son.


City of Black & White — Canon 7D documentary from Charles Son on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “A great example of a short concert doc

  1. Great post Ron … this piece definitely has a great feel good vibe. His music has been featured on so many shows and it's great to hear him talk about his craft.

  2. I most be out of touch. I've never heard of the band before this video. Ormaybe I have but just didn't know it. Their music kinda has a U2-ish vibe.

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