C180-013: Chris Huntley and Stephen Greenfield of The Write Bros.

Crossing the 180: The Business of Hollywood

Today I’m excited to start a series on the show I’ve been prepping for a couple of months: THE BUSINESS OF HOLLYWOOD. I’ve put together a set of guests from various aspects of “Hollywood” to share stories, give insight and advice, and dish the dirt. You won’t want to miss the next four or five episodes.

Today we have ex-bosses of mine: Chris Huntley and Stephen Greenfield, owners of The Write Bros, creators of the Movie Magic product line, the definitive production software suite for all TV and motion picture productions. They are also the creators of Scriptor (the first full featured script-writing program) and Movie Magic Screenwriter (a product I helped negotiate the contract for during my tenure at their then company, Screenplay Systems). Chris and Steve are both USC Film School grads come software product developers. They have some of the most entertaining stories about Hollywood from Steve’s stint as a screenwriter and how he sold a script to Disney via a friend of his pretending to be an agent; to meetings with high-powered Venture Capitalists (like John Doerr); to determining the basis of story and using software to help you develop it; this is a perfect start to what will be a terrific series.


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Chris Huntley and Stephen Greenfield on “Crossing the 180″
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