C180-016: Albert Hughes, Co-director of "Book of Eli"

Back in 1993 a little film broke out on the scene that put its co-directors on the map. The movie was the urban gang drama “Menace II Society,” and the writer/directors were Albert and Allen Hughes. As we continue our “Business of Hollywood” series, today we have Albert Hughes himself. It’s a long-awaited interview, one with great info and insight. Learn about how just 3-days into shooting “Menace,” Albert and Allen thought their careers were over (they hated how it was turning out, and got grief but some of the other filmmakers on the movie because they were so green). But the movie was a huge success, and since then they’ve been celebrated auteurs commanding enough respect in the industry to attract the likes of Johnny Depp, Gary Oldman and Denzel Washington.

This is a fascinating interview where we get insight into how they evolved into co-directors, what it’s like directing others prominent directors (who also just happen to be high profile actors), the rise in popularity of HD DSLRs,  the issue of race and whether or not he feels a responsibility to represent African Americans, and we get some inside and behind-the-scenes info about shooting “Book of Eli” (Spoiler alert: if you haven’t seen the movie yet and plan to, you may want to fast forward when we get to the “Book of Eli” discussion at about 39:00.)

TECHNICAL NOTE: Unfortunately, the phone connection with Albert was not the greatest. But this was the  best and only time to catch Albert on his brief visit to the U.S. (he lives in Prague), so we dealt with it rather than reschedule and miss the window of opportunity to interview him.

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