Recruiting Crew for Documentary on Race Relations

Attention all you talented, amazing, entrepreneurial filmmakers out there (specifically in the ATL). I’m in pre– pre-production to produce/direct a documentary about race relations in America. I can’t give all the details, but it’s a very unique perspective on the topic. My plan is to produce a “proof of concept” short film first, then use that to help get funding and attract bigger name interviewees for a feature length version. My ultimate goal is for a theatrical release, or to have it picked up by a cable network along the lines of History Channel, HBO, A&E, etc. My #1 need is a kick-butt DP who has experience with shooting on a rigged up Canon HD DSLRs and/or the RED. Other roles I need filled are the usual: grips, music, PAs, etc.

This would be a speculative endeavor, i.e. there’s no budget. That means you need to be hungry. Hungry for the excitement of creating something from scratch with no financial resources. Hungry for participating in an important project that I believe has potential to make a powerful statement. Hungry to work and collaborate with other filmmakers on something that is both provocative and exciting. If it ultimately pays off, I hope it could be the start of a long-standing collaborative relationship that will continue on to future projects and endeavors.

Once I have a serious, amazing looking, and engaging proof of concept short, I have friends in the biz that could possibly help get it in front of high profile names that could make creating a feature all the more possible. The possibilities are endless.

Ideally you’re in the Atlanta, GA area. If not but you want the gig bad enough, you need to be willing to pay for your own travel to and lodging here when necessary. All interested parties please email me at

Are you ready to make something magical?

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