The Business of DSLR Filmmaking

This past Sunday I was honored to present part 1 of a 2-part course on DSLR filmmaking. It was hosted by The DV Show, one of the most popular websites and podcasts on the topic of video production. The course title is The Art and Business of DSLR Filmmaking. Brian Alves (the host) reported there were over 500 live viewers. Thanks to each and every one of your for spending 90 minutes of your Sunday night with little ol’ me.

I hope you’re ready for round two, because I’m going to talk about stuff that you never (or seldom) hear DSLR filmmaker instructors talk about. (At least I never have). Last Sunday was the art. This coming Sunday, June 13 at 8 pm EST, I’ll be presenting part 2, the business. If you watch it live, the course is FREE.

In this Sunday’s course, I want to address the issue of how one can go about incorporating these tools into their business, but in a way that is wise from a business perspective. Yes, we all know these camera take beautiful video, but should you go out and plunk down 5, 10, or $20,000 in new gear, hardware, and software? Should you raise your prices? How do  you communicate to your clients about your new “look” and why they should care? We’ll cover these and many more topics:

  • Rent vs. own and when it’s best to do each
  • How to market the new tech to your clients in a way that makes sense (benefit vs. features)
  • Pricing: the added workflow (from production to post) means that you shouldn’t charge the same amount for an HD DSLR shoot than you do for a SD shoot. Even a regular HD shoot. Depending on the project, you may need a bigger crew, which means more money needed. Also, you’ll definitely need more processing power and time, so post production should be more too.
  • Photography and Video: should you offer both? If so, how?
  • Hollywood is getting into the game too. What that means for you.

As I did Sunday, I’ll make time for Q&A afterward. Also, since it seemed like people got such a kick out of watching the video I showed, this week I’ll show part 1 of that film series, tying it into the business lesson, of course. It’s sure to be loads of fun. (And I promise not to do any rocking this week. 🙂


Also, if you’ve ever wondered how to go about pricing your services in general, you will want to take advantage of my DV Show special on my “How to Price Your Service: Power Pricing” audio mp3. It’s a 75-minute coaching call session that goes into detail on the topic. Sells for $29.95 on this blog, but if you visit the DV Show page with the DSLR filmmaking info, you’ll find a link that will lead you to a special $19.95 price. As usual, there’s a 100% money back guarantee.

I hope to see you there live. (Well, I guess I won’t “see” you, you’ll see me, but you get the idea.)