DSLR Filmmaking Webinar Sponsors to be Revealed Monday

Thanks again to those of  you who checked out the DV Show live webinar I did the past two Sundays. The topic was “The Art & Business of DSLR Filmmaking” and the response from attendees was so wonderful. I have in my possession all the video, audio and PDF files for purchase and they will officially go live this Sunday, June 20 at 12 am midnight (i.e. early Monday morning). You can read the details of the course in my Training link at the top of this blog. We covered everything from lens and gear selection to effective use of bokeh to determining when you should rent vs. buy. Over three hours of info, including Q&A.

The list price will be $79, but I’m sure to have some kind of short-lived introductory price. However, if you know for sure you’ll want this course, I have a pre-order price of only $49.95. The best part is that no matter when you buy it, I have a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. That’s right. A money back guarantee on a digital product. If you’re not satisfied with all the info, you’ll be able to e-mail me for a full refund.


To make the offer a tad more juicy, I’ve made deals with over half a dozen sponsors who will offer literally hundreds of dollars in discounts on their products for purchasers of the  webinar recording. So not only will you have over 3 hours of inspiring and educational material (including MP3 you can listen to on the go and PDFs of my Keynote presentations), but you”ll have an opportunity to get complementary products to go with your DSLR filmmaking. All the sponsors will be announced Monday. So stay tuned.

In the mean time, click here to purchase the pre-order for only $49.95. Your 30 day money back guarantee starts when I send you the link to download the content.

Happy DSLR filmmaking.