Save Up to $500 in Filmmaking Goodies

Well, it’s the moment you all have been waiting for. The official release of “The Art and Business of DSLR Filmmaking” webinar recording. This a QuickTime video recording of the 2-part live webinar I did on the DV Show. It’s designed for those of you who are new to DSLR filmmaking or are considering getting into it. One thing that I think sets it apart from other courses is that in part 2, I go into details about business-related strategies for getting into DSLR filmmaking (e.g. renting vs. buying, marketing, pricing, etc.) You can read the full product description on my training page (same link at top of blog that says “Training & Education”).

The list price of the recording is $79. But, for a limited time, I have an introductory price of just $59.95! As with all my products, there’s a 100% money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the recording and all the great discounts (see below), you can contact me for a full refund. That’s practically unheard of for a digital download product.

If you’re ready to buy, click here. Need more convincing? Then read on.


I reached out to some friends and colleagues in the industry to see if they’d be willing to help you budding filmmakers out with great discounts and deals on their products. With your purchase of the webinar recording, you get everything below. (Discount codes will be e-mailed to you after receipt of your purchase confirmation).

Cinevate’s DSLR Uno: one of the clear leaders in creating gear and resources for the DSLR filmmaker is Cinevate. Their latest entry into the DSLR filmmaking game is the Uno. Designed with the event filmmaker in mind, the DSLR Uno is perfect for run and gun shooting when you need rock-solid steady shots. And since it’s based on Cinevate’s carbon rail modular system, you can configure it anyway you like. Save 10% on you purchase of the Uno when you buy the webinar. (Offer good until September 1, 2010).

JAG35 DSLR Rigs: Jag35 has built a reputation of creating great products at an affordable price. Save 10% on your purchase of their DSLR shoulder rig or DSLR cage when you buy the webinar. This one savings alone will pay for the webinar!

DP Slider: I love my DP Slider. If you want to take your productions up a notch, a dolly-like system like the DP Slider is a great way to do that. They have sized ranging from 19″ to 48″. Get $50 off your DP Slider purchase when you get the webinar. Discount lasts until July 18.

Tiffen Dfx V2 Software: Tiffen (the makers of Stedicam) also make great post production color grading software. With over 1,000 filters, you’ll be able to raise the look of your productions to a whole new level. Save 20% off your purchase when you get the webinar.

MST Productions Blu-ray and DVD Authoring: I’ve been using MST Productions for a few years now whenever I need top of the line, high quality DVD production. Their printed disc quality is superb and they have exceptional customer service.Save big with a 25% discount on your first order of Blu-ray Disc or DVD duplication or blank printed discs at MST Productions. No minimum orders, fast turn-times, direct-to-disc thermal printing, personal service, affordable prices and your satisfaction guaranteed! Get 25% off your first DVD or Blu-ray disc authoring job when you buy the webinar.

Precomposed High Def Bluray Menu Templates: my good buddy Ray Roman first told me about these guys. They create amazing Blu-ray disc menu templates. Really top notch stuff. Save 15% on your purchase of a template when you get my webinar.

Precomposed Blu-ray Authoring Services: Precomposed can also do Blu-ray authoring for you at an amazing price. Get $50 off your first Blu-ray authoring job when you buy the webinar.

Triple Scoop Music: these guys are leaders in providing great sounding lyrical and instrumental-only music that can be used legally in your video productions. They have a library of over 5,000 songs, many of which by Emmy and Grammy award-winning artists. Get a 15% discount off your purchase of a TSM song when you get the webinar. (Discount only good until July 30).

DSLR and Video Business Coaching: at the end of part 2, I have a special discount offer for DV Show listeners. If you contact before the end of June to book a coaching session, I will extend those special coaching rates to  you (up to a $100 savings!). In addition to the traditional video business topics, I’ll coach you through your own DSLR filmmaking endeavors (e.g. picking lenses, dealing with post production, etc.) There’s only so much that can be covered in even a three hour video. Coaching can help round out the edges and get  you ahead of the pack.

If you were to take advantage of all these discounts, you would pay for the webinar more than EIGHT TIMES OVER. Heck, even if you’re a pro at DSLR filmmaking and don’t need the education, it’s worth the purchase just to get the discounts!

Now are you ready to buy? Click here. Still not quite sure? Then how about this?

Enter Drawing to Win One of Two Great iPhone/iPad Apps for Filmmakers

As if over $350 in savings wasn’t good enough, if you purchase the webinar before June 3o, 2010, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win one of two great iPhone Apps:

DSLR Slate by Last Shot Apps: I first heard about this awesome product at Vincent Laforet’s blog. It’s a fully functional movie slate. You can record timecode, production info (e.g. Director, Producer, DP, Scene number, etc.), frame rate, color chart, and even non-traditional slate info like ISO, shutter speed, and other DSLR settings. Three winners will be drawn for this app.

Storyboard Composer by Cinemek: this handy iPhone app allows you to created amazing looking Storyboards on your iPhone using the camera feature. It’s incredible what this baby can do. Three more lucky winners will be drawn for this app.

If you’re doing your math, that’s six chances to win one of these awesome iPhone/iPad apps. You must make your webinar purchase in the first week to be entered into the drawing.

So, what are you waiting for. It’s time to make your cinematic opus. Use the button below to purchase your digital download of “The Art & Business of DSLR Filmmaking.” (100% money back guarantee).

If you have a slow internet connection and would prefer to have the files mailed to you, you can purchase a CD of the webinar recording for $10 more (shipping included). If you decide on the MBG for the CD, you must return at your own expense. A $10 restocking fee will apply for returned CDs. Click here to purchase CD.

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