Help Fight the Sex Trafficking of Children – Major Film Announcement

I’m taking a quick break from my self-imposed blogging and social media sabbatical for an important cause. I feel at peace breaking my sabbatical for this because it has nothing to do with a project I’m producing and I have no financial or marketing benefit whatsoever. But a friend, colleague, and one of the most talented filmmakers I personally know, Brandon McCormick of Whitestone Motion Pictures, is spearheading a most unique film project. It’s called “The Candy Shop” and it’s a fairytale metaphor about the sex trafficking of under-aged girls. This is a topic that as of late has really been close to my heart, so I am happy to help promote Whitestone’s film. This film will be a major initiative to help support Street Grace. But enough of my babbling. Watch the video below.

About Whitestone and this Project

The Candy Shop Documentary from Whitestone Protege Program on Vimeo.

Click here to watch the teaser trailer.

Teaser Trailer