A Family Friendly Commercial About the Sexual Exploitation of Children

THE CHALLENGE: create a video that, in a “family friendly” way, raises awareness of the sexual exploitation of under-aged girls. Oh, and do it in just 30 seconds. “Yikes!”
StreetGRACE is an organization fighting against the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) in the Atlanta Metro. They have a booth this Saturday, Sept 4, at the Celebrate Freedom Concert held by the FISH, Atlanta’s premiere Christian music radio station. They also get to show a 30-second commercial six times on the jumbotron for the 45,000+ attenders to see. However, since the FISH requires all content to be viewable by family members of all ages, StreetGRACE was in a quandary. CSEC as a topic is not exactly “Disney” material.

This is the video we came up with. Many thanks to those who donated their time and talent.

Celebrate Freedom

If you’re in the Atlanta metro and you dig on bands like Switchfoot, Big Daddy Weave, kJ-52, Natalie Grant, and more, then make it a point to come to this FREE concert. Details online at CelebreateFreedomAtlanta.com.

Baron de-Fleur – StreetGRACE 30-sec spot for Celebrate Freedom from Ron Dawson.

4 thoughts on “A Family Friendly Commercial About the Sexual Exploitation of Children

  1. Amazing job, Ron. The message was clear without being explicit. It takes true skill and creativity to pull off something like this!

  2. Hey Lydia. Thanks so much. It was a unique challenge indeed. It took us a
    couple of rounds to get to this point. The original concept I had was a
    little more dark and ended with a mysterious man whose face you didn't see
    taking the girl's flower and squashing it. The FISH wanted a happy ending
    and something less dark. I then thought of those old Dudley Do Right
    cartoons and that evolved into what you see here. Glad you liked it.

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